Located under the vaults that once belonged to the San Gil Convent during the 17 th Century, the Café de Oriente restaurant is appropriated with different dining rooms for each occasion such as family gatherings, celebrations with friends, or professional functions.

The Café de Oriente has enough capacity to offer all kinds of events. Its menu ranges from the stovetop traditions to the avant-garde of our days.

It is complemented by two tasting menus based on seasonal products and with the signature of Chef Roberto Hierro.


Jamón Ibérico with spiced tomato and toasts – 25,00

Assortment of Artisan Spanish cheeses, sweet quince and walnuts – 19,50

* Grilled seasonal vegetables with caramelized goat cheese,
honey mustard vinaigrette, raisins and walnuts – 13,00

* Café de Oriente Salad with watercress, spinach, fried chicken,
ham, parmesan, and honey mustard vinaigrette -12,50

* Traditional chilled tomato soup “Salmorejo” with hardboiled egg and Jamón Ibérico – 5,00

* Marinated tuna tar-tar with guacamole, small salad and mango mayonnaise – 14,50

Inq squid paella – 16,80 (person)

Fish & shellfish paella -17,50 (person)

Seasonal Vegetable paella – 14,60 (person)

Take away rice only by pre-ordering

Minimum 2 people

Poached hake in a garlic-parsley sauce “Salsa Verde” served with clams – 25,40

Roast turbot with vegetable chop suey and txakoli sauce – 26,50

Grilled Beef tenderloin in port sauce, foie gras and asparagus – 28,00

Roasted baby goat shoulder Café de Oriente Style – 32,00


Café de Oriente’s typical french toast with toffee, pepper glass, and vanilla ice cream *10 min – 7,50

Traditional Spanish dessert Rice pudding “Arroz con Leche” and cinnamon – 5,50

Fresh fruit salad with mint juice – 7,50

Assortment of homemade cakes – 7,50

Assortment of sorbets and ice creams . 7,50



Starter (with*) + Special Dish + Dessert

Gift: Btl of K-Naia (D.O. Rueda) or Btl Obalo Cr (D.O.C.A. Rioja)


MENU 2: 

PAELLA – 28€/person (min. 2 people)

Starter (with *) + Paella

Gift: Btl of K-Naia (D.O. Rueda) or Btl Obalo Cr (D.O.C.A. Rioja)

Homemade bread is included in menu

Vegetarian and allergenic options are available


All prices are in €

VAT included in all prices

Booking over 10 people, please email us:

Café de oriente
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